EXIL Advanced Google Searcher

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Version: 1.0
Release Date: 2013/02/04
Author: Exedil
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This little tool will help you with your Google searches.
It uses Google Operators to search with precision the terms as you enter them in the program.
It work with almost everything Google provide (Search Operators). You can search for files, sites/domains, search in URL, in title, in text…
In order to provide the best results, some fields disable others, some Google Operators aren’t meant to be mixed up with others!
It will launch the search results in your default browser, so you can keep working with the same browser.
Hope you like it. Also check for update every once in a while, use the URL provided above, or the “Website” button from the Updater.


You need an Internet connection for the program to work.

Please download .NET Framework 4.5 from Microsoft website to run this application.
Download on Microsoft.com

The program has been tested, and work with Windows 7 32/64bits and Windows 8 32/64bits.


Windows 8:
EXIL Advanced Google Searcher

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